If you want to retreive and use the contents of just one record from CDS, not knowing the GUID. You always have to use the “List records” action in Flow. For example when you want to retreive the account record with accountnumber 123, you will use 123 as the filter in the “List records” action. Downsite of this is that CDS returns a list of records (wit just one record) and when you want to use the contents of a field in the record, Flow creates a loop automatically.

As a workaround you can use the first method on the list with records. This will return the first record (the record I have been searching for in the example), so I can use one of its fields:

  • Get list of record: filter on Accountnumber and set the Maximum get count to 1
  • Retreive one of its fields with the expression first(body(‘List_records’)?[‘value’])?[‘name’] where I’ve been looking for the “name” field

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